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  Old style spring bike :

school chopper build with an
1976 chasis conversion into a
spring shocks for front and

  Old school spring loaded
chopper :

This is a new
project just kicked off for a
client who wants an immaculate
blend of class and pre

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Category Descriptions
Full Custom
These are our ultimate & most expensive category of custom motorcycle modifications . This is where Art in motion concept can really be seen ; where we introduce complex changes new frame designs, very large > 200mm larger tyre sizes and imported components for suspensions, dual drive systems etc . If a new design is made with us then we do not replicate the Full custom design in your area for a period of 6 months to give you the full exclusivity. Key specifications are as follows for Full custom motorcycle modifications     The frame of the vehicle is no longer defined by angular lines but takes complex shapes like curves, doubles cradles and complex joints. Secondly, due to the change in the shape of the frame, the frame itself becomes a design element allowing very complex shapes to be built on top as bodywork. The COBRA paintwork has 7 layers with custom graphics Due to the frame modification tyres from 200 mm wide can be fitted. Maximum we have fitted to date is 300mm. Currently trying to figure out how to fit an aircraft tyre ;-) Lastly the use of imported components like alloys, suspension & tyres sets this category apart in getting a top of the bracket ride. Other key features in this category are     Performance enhancement is a free value add in this category so free flow exhausts & air filters, coupled with dual exhaust ports and porting comes as a value addition at no charge. A full set of accessories is given as a part of the design as per the requirement of the customer. Alloys are also used to heighten the look of the product. Due to the frame being created from scratch, tyres from 200 mm wide can be fitted. Lastly the use of imported components like alloys, suspension & tyres sets this category apart Timing : it take approx 45 days post the receipt of a bike to turn around this project    
A different beat
Black Knight
Blue thunder
Purple haze
Red Bullet
Brown Sugar
Blue Streak
Red Hot Chilli Peppers upgrade
Silver Streak
Category Descriptions
Mini Custom
Mini customs are our premium custom motorcycle modification . This is where we actually begin to enter the world of a bike designed from scratch. All the old components of the bike save the engine are thrown away and the bike built from bottom up including the frames/chasis. The shape of frame/chasis is kept trapezoidal but with major changes to angles and width, height & length allowing quite major modifications to be done to the bodywork and the look of the motorcycle. Most of the components are fabricated in shop. Max tyre size that is possible to be fitted is 200mm . please also see our full customs range for higher specifications. Key specifications are as follows for Mini custom motorcycle modifications     The frame of the vehicle is made from zero using jigs and MIG welds which is one of the key reasons for the higher cost as compared to Quick & easy customs. Instead of living with a constraint of the way a original frame is defined, the length, width and most importantly the height of the frame are now variable. However complex shapes are not undertaken here and the frames remain trapezoid shaped. Extensive use of new age steels helps save weight & new angles to the frame can be easily given as per the overall design effect desired. Secondly, due to the change in the angles of the trapezoid frame itself, New types of suspensions set ups are possible which in case of Quick & easy customs is not possible and more complex body shapes are possible. Body parts can be fabricated in more complex designs Due to the frame modification tyres upto 200 mm wide can be fitted. Other key features in this category are     A full set of accessories is given as a part of the design Alloys are also used to heighten the look of the product. Timing : it take approx 35 days post the receipt of a bike to finish the project    
Brown Sugar redux
Golden Cruiser
Flame job
Red hot chilli peppers
Red Flame
Category Descriptions
Quick n Easy
Quick n Easy custom motorcycle modifications are where we deliver a new look to the vehicle using Full new bodywork including new tank, mudguards as well as side panels with a modified frame. The modification to the chasis is done using the original frame and a new chasis is not made here. As no new chasis is made these customs are lesser priced than Full and Mini custom motorcycle modifications but more expensive than budget customs due to higher level of customization available here. Key specifications are as follows for Quick n Easy custom motorcycle modifications       The frame of the vehicle is changed by modifying its length and width to give the vehicle height and girth but the frame from the original bike is used to keep the cost low for the customer. The capability to change the width & height give huge impact to the presentation and look of the vehicle giving it character & the bike can be made to look significantly different. The change in the frame is made using jigs to ensure perfect alignment of the finished vehicle Secondly, due to the change in the frame, suspension mountings are changed and can be lengthened or shortened or angled unlike in Budget customs. Body parts can be fabricated in a myriad of shapes as per the customers desire. The COBRA paintwork has 2 layers with custom graphics Due to the frame modification tyres upto170mm wide can be fitted. Other key features in this category are     A full set of accessories is given as a part of the design Alloys are also used to heighten the look of the product. Timing : it take approx 25 days post the receipt of a bike to turn around this project  
Silver bullet
Purple flame
Yellow flame
Easy rider
Category Descriptions
Budget Custom
If you are on tight budget ( < INR 100,000 / £ 1280 / $ 2090 including the 2nd hand Royal Enfeild motorcyle purchase ) then this is the category for you to get your own custom motorcycle modification made in a tight budget without comprimising on quality. We have pre fabrifacted designs that you can choose and install on your motorcycle withing 15 days from ordering with a choice of paints and graphics. The installation is simple and can be done at home in your garage if you want to do it DIY way. Or any mechanic will be able to help you as no changes are made into the frame to mount these units. The range starts at INR 45,000 / £ 575 / $ 940 for Stage I to INR 83,000 / £ 1060 / $ 1735 for Stage III for the budget custom motorcycle modifications. The price of the motorcycle is extra but we can help you in sourcing the same to do a turn key project. If you want to enhance the level of customisation you can do that too by going for a more premium version i.e go for higher stage within Budget customs or choose a Quick & Easy etc.. If you feel you want to build your own design with your own paint and graphics by paying marginally extra you can do that too.   3 stages of Budget motorcycle modifications customs are available with different level of trim and fitting- you can choose from a range of options and specifications & Upgrade later to a higher stage at any time later within the Budget customs .   Stage I –classix Stage III- Premium Stage II: Ultra classix Stage IV –Ultra Premium   Different colours-5 colour options are available . Adding a similar colour costs nothing but a metallic colour will cost additional. You can specify your own graphic design at extra cost or order it as is Each stage is made from high quality steel and uses COBRA paint. All accessory units are machined using CNC machines to ensure quality and finish. We have a total of 3 designs available with us today for you to order at any of the 4 level of trims & specifications. The 3 designs are to be found listed below.     5 designs for budget custom motorcycle modifications are ready for shipping within 15 days as of today.   Design I : Blue thunder Design II: Red baron Design III: Black Knight Design IV: Brown girl Design V : White flame   A new custom motorcycle modification design can also be made but would cost more. Check out Mini Customs & Full Customs sections.
Category Descriptions
Vintage Custom
Almost all of us admire the vintage vehicles because unfailingly they had character, were handcrafted and not made in such huge numbers. In today era of mass production, they hold their own and are hence also the most sought after   There is a lot common between custom builds and vintage restoration in terms of engineering and the passion involved, not to mention that both require handcrafting and never are replicated in huge numbers unlike mass produced vehicles of today.   But unlike customs where the intention is almost always to change Vintage restoration involves getting it back to the original state- requiring painstaking work to find parts in good condition or having to custom manufacture each of them.   Hence, Its hardly surprising that a lot of our customers started asking us to restore or redesign old vehicles for them. We now undertake work both to do classic vintage restoration work as well as creating new customs out of old vintage bikes that people want changed to new look and feel with updated brakes & engines.
Retro Modernity
Triumph twin
Phoenix retro
Sunbeam rebuild
Category Descriptions
Custom Accessories
Its every  bikers dream to have accessories to make his/ her bike stand out even among the host of custom motorcycles that he may find himself among. The way to undertake the same is to accessorise !! No custom motorcycle modification is complete without a full set of accessories Now you just don’t have to dream of getting world class quality accessories, you can get them with Dreamriders off the shelf on order. All custom accessories made by Dreamriders are custom made on CNC machines and confirm to high quality standards.  All are either chromed or powder coated as per the requirement . Our range of accessories can convert the mundane bike into a dreamride. The full range is listed out below   Handgrips and levers Handle bars & mountings Footrest & Brake/ gear extensions Indicators & stop lights Spinners for front wheels & Side stands Alloys & tyres Front suspensions changeover   Triple clamp normal rake with non adjusted shockers Triple clamp extended rake with lengthened shoclers   Coming soon range of motorcycle accessories includes   Sissy bars Custom seats Saddle bags Clothing range   T shirts Riding Jackets Riding trousers
Clamp extended
Clamp normal
Alloys & tyres
Category Descriptions
Power Enhancements
We undertake on request performance enhancements covering the following areas   Free flow exhausts Air filters          Free          Steel encased Intake porting Exhaust porting Carburettor reseting Engine size enhancement through   oversized pistons Head shaving Valve seat adjustment This can result in a power increase of upto 20 % in your engine without changing any parts. Advanced performance enhancements currently in development   Supercharging New head design Please note its illegal to drive a vehicle with a change in the engine size without getting your vehicle re-registered with the RTA in your city. It?s the client responsibility to get the vehicle re-registered again.    
Yamaha R15
Category Descriptions
Custom Paint Shop
In case you would like to get a quotation on getting your vehicle painted with a new paint job or a custom graphic please use the link below   Give us a reference of the graphic design in case you want to make your own and get a quote from us please use link below. If its for your own vehicle pls share the picture of the same by uploading it.   Note: You need to register before being able to undertake this operation In case this is for a product we have on the website then   Please select from drop down list below the same Drop down category Drop down product Please note for a change colour request that for similar paints there is no additional charge but for metallic paints there is extra charge. Note: You need to be registered before being able to undertake this operation.
Category Descriptions
Avengers/ Eliminators/Enticers
Due to ever increasing demand of smaller capacity cruisers look alikes, here are a few designs to capture your imagination on these models and how you can alter them. Substantial alteration can be done onto these units, transforming them completely into works of art on two wheels.
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