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  Old style spring bike :

school chopper build with an
1976 chasis conversion into a
spring shocks for front and

  Old school spring loaded
chopper :

This is a new
project just kicked off for a
client who wants an immaculate
blend of class and pre

  Would u want to rent a custom motorcycle
No man why would i ever rent a custom motorcycle
yes i would but just for a special day
yes i would but just for a few days
yes but i would like to do it for a couple of months then change to a new one

Career Opportunities


We are looking for people who are passionate and enthusiastic about custom builds and can dedicate part or full time to learn about custom building and educate potential customers of our Art in Motion concepts. If you are interested in this category where you want to volunteer for working informally with us- please write in " Affiliate " in the subject and send us an email on info4dreamriders@gmail.com


We are also open to trainees from educational institutes who want projects in design, fabrication, sourcing and marketing. Please write in an email with " trainee" in the subject to info4dreamriders@gmail.com


For the job profiles listed below- it helps to be a motorcycle rider and know fundamentals of a bike or cars, but is not a necessary qualification as long as u are willing to work hard to learn and you share our passion for designing vehicles no one else can and start right in the begining.


Please note- the job is hard, work hours are long, pay is short. Please be prepared to work with your hands and your mind. We have tough deadlines to make challenging engineering concepts in very tight budgets so its imperative you are creative, tough, self motivated and very critical of your own work. If working in a flat, highly empowered, unstructured & creative start up  enviroment where you handle large responsibility and are accountable for cost,quality & time bound deliveries from day 1 appeals to you write into us. We have a training period post which you are confirmed and then become eligible to performance incentives.


For the job of project manager below- you must have some hands on welding, fabrication, machining skills and must understand basic of automotive engineering. Preference to candidates from automotive/ mechanical or design engineering background who have hands on experience in above areas.


Please see the 3 job profiles listed below - contact us by Email: info4dreamriders@gmail.com with Subject careers



1.     Job scope

1.     Purchase - 

1.     Find quality vendors 

1.     for procuring materials at right specification for further

2.      who can help us fabricate, machine and weld as well as paint/ finish 

3.     for giving us alremady made components

4.     Negotiate pricing with them and proper billing with way of working

2.     Maintain inventory in the workshop 

1.     of tools, materials and machined components 

2.     Keep inventory tracked and ordered always to minimise down time in builds

3.     Coordinate with product manager

1.     in planning of a custom build on desired work to be done

2.     Work hand in hand to nail down specifications of the work

3.     supply the required component or job work it in time and right cost

4.     Quality

1.     Take proactive measures to improve quality of outside work while  reduce cost and time from order to delivery.

2.     Work to set up quality controls - when ordering/ giving or  receiving materials/ components

5.     KPI- quality right first time at right price and on budget

6.     Key requirement- must be excellent negotiator, ability to work in team, under stress with excellent attention to detail, deliver results in start up enviroment.

2.     Project manager  

1.     Own the 

1.     Custom Build ( of component or entire project) end to end from receipt of an order to final delivery to the client.

2.     Own the quality, cost and time of the project to ensure it meets the set parameters

3.     Drive the project while coordinating with other team members. 

2.     Understanding 

1.     specifications from designer, if required contributing to specifications before they are agreed with a client.

2.     What key tasks are to be undertaken 

3.     Planning & fabrication

1.     Identifying key jobs to be done in a build and pro-actively planning for issues

2.     Plan in detail how the entire project would be done, which job assigned to whom and at what time

3.     Coordinating with other team members i.e purchase and in house/ outsourced staff to get work done.

4.     Assemble, weld, help in fabricating the entire project from ground up.

4.     Undertake

1.     Quality monitoring at each level of build from intial specifications to ordering of components to assembley and testing of the finished product while adhering to cost, quality and time of the build set out.

2.     All such activities which will ultimately deliver superior quality on the custom build

5.     KPI- Customer delight with no feedback on quality issues delivered on time and on budget

6.     Key requirement- Attention to detail, hands on knowledge of automotives,  ability to lead/ work in team to deliver results while helping set up systems/ processes

3.     Marketing & sales

1.     Deliver 

1.     Sales targets for the firm at the right price point

2.     Solid marketing plan to drive sales at agreed budget

3.     Customer feedback into the organisation on an ongoing basis to improve customer deliver

2.     Assist in marketing activities to drive sales

1.     Online , on social media and through direct marketing

2.     Represent the firm at events along with other team members

3.     By driving PR, Wom to ensure the firm is always in news

3.     Help in identifying & closing deals with 

1.     Potential partners in retail 

2.     Potential partners in marketing activities 

4.     KPI- Sales, on budget for marketing

5.     Requirement- flair for people skills, must like to sell, must know marketing and be willing to work hard




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