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  Old style spring bike :

school chopper build with an
1976 chasis conversion into a
spring shocks for front and

  Old school spring loaded
chopper :

This is a new
project just kicked off for a
client who wants an immaculate
blend of class and pre

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  Vintage Custom 
Almost all of us admire the vintage vehicles because unfailingly they had character, were handcrafted and not made in such huge numbers. In today era of mass production, they hold their own and are hence also the most sought after
There is a lot common between custom builds and vintage restoration in terms of engineering and the passion involved, not to mention that both require handcrafting and never are replicated in huge numbers unlike mass produced vehicles of today.
But unlike customs where the intention is almost always to change Vintage restoration involves getting it back to the original state- requiring painstaking work to find parts in good condition or having to custom manufacture each of them.
Hence, Its hardly surprising that a lot of our customers started asking us to restore or redesign old vehicles for them. We now undertake work both to do classic vintage restoration work as well as creating new customs out of old vintage bikes that people want changed to new look and feel with updated brakes & engines.
If you have a Paint or Graphic Design that you want to Paint on your own vehicle, then check the button below   If you have your own custome design in mind, then Upload /Refer Picture and get our quote
   Vintage Custom   Design
Motorcycle Vintage Custom Modification New Delhi (India) / Sunbeam rebuild
Sunbeam rebuild
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Motorcycle Vintage Custom Modification New Delhi (India) / Phoenix retro
Phoenix retro
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Motorcycle Vintage Custom Modification New Delhi (India) / Triumph twin
Triumph twin
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Motorcycle Vintage Custom Modification New Delhi (India) / Retro Modernity
Retro Modernity
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