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  Blue Streak Specifications
Custom job :
A DreamRide Only for U……DO iT ur waY and no Other !! turnaround time dependent on your Desire….
Blue Streak
 Motorcycle Full Custom Modification New Delhi (India)/ Blue Streak
    Inspiration : Blue streak is a full concept custom made for a client who wanted a cool but stylish personality to shine. Its 7 ft long cruiser.
    Customisation undertaken :
    • Performance enhancements
    • New bent s shape chasis made brand new to get the slope required and the low seating.( seat is just 22 inches off the ground so its really close to the ground
    • Rear custom disk brake mated to a custom made alloy rim
    • Custom made seat
    • 200mm rear tyre fitted to an imported alloy + 120mm front tyre mated to smaller imported alloy.
    • Sheathed front shocks extended with aluminium 2 inch triple clamp for the front heavy look
    • Hollowed out handle bars with hidden wiring for the clean smooth looks.
    • Full chrome
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Blue Streak
  • Straight handle bars curved in V
  • Handcrafted grips in aluminium with knurling
  • Hidden cables inside the handle
  • Leaf shaped rear view mirrors
  • Mirror chrome
  • Custom paint job
Blue Streak
  • Extended shockers with chrome
  • Disk brake with dual callipers up front for stopping
  • Mudguard with surround clips with extended grips
  • Chrome alloys in aluminum for shockers
Blue Streak
  • Chromed Engine with extended cylinder
  • New shape filter box with air ram & cover
  • K&N superior free flow air filter
  • Dual free flow exhausts
  • Exhaust porting with cylinder valve replacement
  • Power up by 10 % on peak rpm
  • New Wrap around short silencer for extra sound bass
Blue Streak
  • Custom front light set up
  • Triple clamp 2 inch thick aluminium double bar
  • Extended sleeves
  • Pin point battery charger as only instrumentation
  • Solid drill point handle
Blue Streak
  • Rear drum brake of 750cc Yamaha
  • Master cylinder with Nissan brake set up
  • Custom brake tubing
  • Heavy rear mud guard quarter moon
  • Trailing cantilever rear swing arm
  • Heavy duty 750cc Yamaha gas shockers
  Full Custom Design
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Motorcycle Full Custom Modification New Delhi (India) / Blue Streak
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