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  Banshee Specifications

this is how you do it when you want to show class, style and substance in one package of a art in motion project

 Motorcycle Full Custom Modification New Delhi (India)/ Banshee

When your client is a strapping 6 ft tall colonel in the army,a normal build isnt the answer. On top when the specification is to be able to cruise at least 400km with speeds upto 100km cruise safely and carry 2 people & luggage , and look stylish as bikes that cost 5 time more, the result is banshee.

Yes it is big, almost 6 inches taller than a normal RE & 1.5 feet longer with 120mm front and 200mm rear tyre both shod with disc brakes with larger than normal discs and steel brake hoses to handle the pressure of enhanced master cylinders built custom for the client to get more braking power.

Altered alternator with boosted current to power 4 large halogen lights in the front and large horn complete the safety package. Extra large indicators, stopping lights, new wiring to handle the higher currents in the system with a larger battery complete the electrical changes done.

The front suspension is lengthened almost 8 inches, rear suspension enhanced with gas shocks and stronger springs to handle potholes. The chasis is custom built with additional width.length and height and is a dual cradle type. Handle is extra wide to cater to easy riding stance and provide a relaxed stance. Contrary to our norm, there is an speedometer + fuel gauge given its a cruise bike actually going to be used for long travel.

In line with the brief of a true cruiser, Engine is completely overhauled ( original 1978 platform) with oversized piston and self start added with porting on exhaust with dual boring, excavation done under valves + K&N air filter and dual exhausts. Rated power is higher than a normal bullet. Carburettor overhauled and installed with bigger jets to push thru more fuel hence more power with enhanced airflow. Silencers are baffled slightly but are kept long for asthetic and noise characterstic reasons.

There is a lot of space under the seats for storage, additional tool boxes and of course custom built leather side bags with studs which are waterproof.

Oh yes when it starts up and revs it does live upto its name ;-)

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  Full Custom Design
Motorcycle Full Custom Modification New Delhi (India) / Silver Streak
Silver Streak
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Motorcycle Full Custom Modification New Delhi (India) / Blue Streak
Blue Streak
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Motorcycle Full Custom Modification New Delhi (India) / Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar
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  Old style spring bike :

school chopper build with an
1976 chasis conversion into a
spring shocks for front and

  Old school spring loaded
chopper :

This is a new
project just kicked off for a
client who wants an immaculate
blend of class and pre

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