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  A different beat Specifications

What to do it is just different- than anything you would have seen before

A different beat
 Motorcycle Full Custom Modification New Delhi (India)/ A different beat

Its is a strange name isnt it- but one thats very apt too isnt it ? While putting names down i seek a different beat to them but in this case only this name seemed apprpriate- why ? well becoz i often havent built custom that defies most rules of the build.

The handles are inverted, the triple joint is over 2 inches thick alloysmachined on CNC, the tank is of a shape not found at all in any motorcycle, trail and rake angles are very interesting for a different ride set up and the tyre is, well, how to put it, BIG- another 300mm beauty. I should not to mention its extreme paint job and very very lavishly rebored engine topping out to 535 cc with K&N air filters and different gear ratio set. A differential dual drive mechanism completes the package for us. So its not just looks but an entire different motorcycle too. Try that on for size.

The entire body work is handcrafted using old school techniques. Its over 75 days worth of work in terms of manhours. There is a full story in the metal work and the body work not just covers all in the internal workings but also moulds the look of the bike to make your eyes linger on each detail of the fabriacation.

Without doubt, our most advanced extreme engineering art in motion concept to date and one we are very proud of. This is what happens when technology in form of CAD meets artisans who can handcraft any metal and top of the line CNC machines. a true mix of art, engineering and passion all packaged up nicely .

All the bells and whistles of a normal dreamride are all there.

The owner is a longstanding customer of ours and this is his 2nd bike with us- the earlier one is also a 300mm build. His brief was as usual simple- something not seen on the roads before and money is not an object. What else can a custom builder ask for except a brief like this ? enjoy our

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A different beat
The full view from the other side
A different beat
The view from behind
A different beat
a different view from behind
A different beat
A head on from the front
A different beat
have a look at the tank
A different beat
Do u like the seat
  Full Custom Design
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