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  Yamaha R15 Specifications
Yamaha R15
 Motorcycle Power Enhancements Modification New Delhi (India)/ Yamaha R15

The R15 is the power enhancement project done from scratch as a development to cater to those who want more power out of their machines. Work is ongoing now to adapt the same for Karisma and pulsar so let us know if you want to leave those other machines at the red lights standing still.

Work done on the R15 comprises from improving air intake of the engine to exhaust removal with new muffler and header. No change had to be done to the chasis so the same job can be done on any stock machine. Poweroutput gain is in the region of 2.5 BHP with no loss of top speed. Test run speed was clocked at 126KMPH with throttle still only 3/4th open.......the test operator ran out of balls to take it any faster in traffic.


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  Power Enhancements Design
Motorcycle Power Enhancements Modification New Delhi (India) / Yamaha R15
Yamaha R15
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  Old style spring bike :

school chopper build with an
1976 chasis conversion into a
spring shocks for front and

  Old school spring loaded
chopper :

This is a new
project just kicked off for a
client who wants an immaculate
blend of class and pre

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