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Have you seen a custom job that you liked ? post it
Posted on : 2009-05-10
Put up what you think are the best custom jobs you have seen in the internet
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Navin Narayan

2010-04-30 18:27:18

Hi....you guys might want to check out http:\\\\occpowersport.com. I personally like these guys for the kind of custom bikes they make.
Navin Narayan

2010-04-30 18:25:37

Hi...I love bikes for the sheer joy of riding. I own a Bullet Standard 350. Lately I have got fascinated by custom bikes after watching American Chopper on Discovery Turbo. I guess you guys are doing such bikes in India. It would help me if I can get some sort of information on the cost involved in getting a custom bike done.
Manu dreamriders

2009-06-13 15:03:51

Hi to answer the concerns on the engineering capability all i can say is that we have over 100 check points before a motorcycle is released to a customer. Our aim is to make our customs reliable and not break down. Only exception to this rule is vintage vehicles where due to the age of the components reliability is an issue.All i can say is please try us out and we will not disappoint.
Amarjeet Singh

2009-05-13 16:27:01

I have never come across any site that engineers high quality custom bikes. But this looks atleast a promising one and i will surely try it out to give my bike a great look.
Manjeet Singh

2009-05-13 16:24:41

Sites promising customization of bikes are many but there are very few who have the expertise to engineer what they show on their site. They are very limited scope and lot of limitations

2009-05-13 16:18:00

There are plenty of customization sites for the Bikers but none have the expertise to convert what is promised there. Hope this is one out of them.

2009-05-13 13:34:00

There are many customization sites but none of them give a true picture of the customization capability.
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