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Posted on : 2010-01-08
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2010-07-03 16:27:36

Hi guys, Im restoring 2 1969 BSA Lightnings and a 69 BSA Thunderbolt. The guys at DR are supplying the tanks and I cant wait!

2010-04-05 19:02:35

Hi there this topic covers tyres ;-). Guys like it big and bigger the better. You could put in a new tyre onto your current Royal enflield without any problems upto a size of 140mm. There should be another 1cm cleareance left on either side preventing the chain & swing arm offset side from touching the tyre. However, any greater than that i.e anything above 140mm even though most people will tell you can fit into the royal enfield chasis, you can run into potential problems like from front sprocket wear, chain wear & tyre damage or touch. This is becoz the chasis was never designed to accomodate a larger size and the clearences that are there are meant to be adequate on a 110mm size only. Also larger size tyres change the angle at which the chain comes and sits on the rear sprocket. This causes the faster wear & tear of the sprockets & chain and can cause failure. As they say a little knowledge is dangerous and larger tyre sizes can cause chain failure if the chasis and engline alignment is not done properly. If you are still keen to get it done right, this is what it takes for tyres > 150mm 1. Widening of chasis 2. Realignment of engine drive socket to rear sprocket ensuring both are in a straight line yet still centered in the centre line of the motorcycle. 3 Depending on tyre size i.e between 150-170mm u may shift engine( no more than aninch as your centre of gravity will change causing the bike to lean to left and can cause an accident. 4. Or in sizes above 170mm u will have to get a modified shaft for the engine and clutch housing to be moved out to align the drive and rear sockets. sure jugaad works. But i would advise against it simply on cause of safety. Bikes are two wheel speed machines and even a seizure of chain at 30kmph is enough to throw u to the ground and get u injured or even killed. So dont try to do the wider jobs at home.A little money goes a long way to get u home safe and look good on ur dreamride.

2010-04-01 18:43:26

Registration In most cases RTA registration is needed prior to the motorcycle being modified else we cannot undertake the job.

2010-03-10 09:20:20

Hey nice job. but still more to improve, the basic design has some problem with u r bikes. well that is another part. why i m here has a purpose and u r good one to be the part of it. if u r orkut dearch me m planning some thing big and a dream of every copper designer & rider. i will be visiting u....

2010-03-06 22:07:29

What about the rta registration, i mean after full customsing do we need to register the bike again?
Robert Shumake

2010-02-03 18:45:18

Hey very nice blog!!....I\'m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I\'ll be checking back on a regular....See ya -Robert Shumake Fifth Third
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