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Manu personal blog post
Posted on : 2010-02-01

Hi This is manu from dreamriders. This is where i wax eloquent on what matters to me, what i feel and why i do what i do. Feel free to comment or disagree with what i say.

Look forward to a few conversations

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2010-07-02 06:09:10

Increasingly i get requests to try to make customer bikes more powerful. So just a short note on what we can do at dreamriders to boost power. 1. Replace air filers with performance K&N air filers. Steel mesh will boost power even more but can clog up the carb given our dusty conditions. 2. Porting on intake and exhaust manifolds. 3. Free flow silencers 4. Larger jets in the carbs to support the other bits or a new larger carb itself. 5. Dual exhaust ports into the cylinder head. 6. We are experimenting with new cylinder heads too. Of ocurse when used in conjunction these will boost the power even more than any one of them done singly.An option thats expensive but sure to boost the engine power is a supoercharger- i am hoping someone comes along to ask for one....is that you ?
Dushyant tomar

2010-04-26 17:16:02

How can we avoid being halted by police every corner for modified motorcycle? i mean CMVR says no modification is allowed without manufacturer\'s consent and rto approval, there is a big risk that a 5 lakh bucks motorcycle will be seized by police at there will? what can be done to avoid such situations

2010-02-09 13:49:30

Hi, This is Kuldeep from Gurgaon. I have a 1978 Enfield and wold like to get a 170 run-flat tubeless tyre fitted to it, probably 17 inch . . . Can you please guide me through if thats good or not, As I would consider everything before going for it, I would like to go for minimal chasis modification . I don\'t want to get it majorly modified can you please tell me the cost for this modification. Can you also tell what is that max tyre size that can be fitted without any change is the chasis.

2010-02-08 14:56:57

Its a nice effort that you are on to, can you help me with some more details, I would like to get a bike of mine done by you. But before can you tell me what are the legalities of the changes that you are doing to the bike, particularly to the frame.

2010-02-01 03:54:00

Someone the other day asked me why i do this as a business when obviously there are more paying business/ trade opportunities that will make a lot more money, arent as complicated or dont involve so much stress or better suited to my qualifications. The answer my friends very simply is that I love doing this. I have always wanted to do this as this is what i am passionate about. For that passion i have gone against almost every piece of advice anyone offered me, against family, against friends, against people judgement of just calling me a mechanic and yes against making a lot more money elsewhere. Its been the passion to do what i wanted to do that has also kept the drive to keep the business open in patches when more sane men would have been inclined to shut things down. Lots of people who i have worked me during a corporate career have advised me that passion and professionalism dont go together. I still feel they are wrong. I cant do a good job when i am not passionate about something- i can do a job but then thats not what Dreamriders is all about. All i can say is when you stop feeling passion for something that you do then its time to move on to new pastures. I hope anyone who reads this does use his passion/ his or her heart to choose what they have to and not their brains. The brains decision changes and is fickle- the heart / passions choice is steadfast. Ride with passion then life is a dreamride.
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