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  Old style spring bike :

school chopper build with an
1976 chasis conversion into a
spring shocks for front and

  Old school spring loaded
chopper :

This is a new
project just kicked off for a
client who wants an immaculate
blend of class and pre

  Would u want to rent a custom motorcycle
No man why would i ever rent a custom motorcycle
yes i would but just for a special day
yes i would but just for a few days
yes but i would like to do it for a couple of months then change to a new one

Vision And Design


Our vision & design philosophy for approaching bespoke motorcycle work / customising motorcycles or modification of motorcycles  is simply best stated as Custom Art in Motion.

Our Vision is : We are passionate enthusiasts who create high quality custom automotive dreamrides and bring them life for our clients

Custom = something unique not ordinary, designed only for you- An object that is only existing becoz you took the decision to make something that reflects who you are and your personality.

Art = We truly believe our design will make you feel emotive and alive.....You can just look at the design that you helped bring into this world and keep looking all day. Believe us so will everyone else. 

In Motion = You didnt want a piece of art to hang on the walls or stick in your garage afraid of ever being able to drive on the roads- You wanted to feel the wind in your hair ( while everyone watches you go cruising by ) and our projects will help you just that- alone or with a close friend or with your mates.  

We look forward for a chance to show you our capability and be given a chance. 

Not all designs are listed here- some are on our facebook page - please click this link: https://www.facebook.com/Dreamriders-Vehicles-private-limited-164741790240820/timeline/?ref=bookmarks

We can on being commissioned,  host a specialised design session with our designers,  to specially create a concept from scratch for you with our design team or take input from you to make your Dreamride come true.

So dream away and let us know what you are dreaming of and we will help craft that dreamride into reality.



If you have a design in mind that you want to get made or painted, then click the button below
If you have your own Motorcycle design in mind and want us to make the same, then click on the button below
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Hi This is manu from dreamriders. This is where i wax eloquent on what matters to me, what i feel and why i do what i do

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hi this is Sushil, can we start the electric bike project

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Hi This is manu from dreamriders. This is where i wax eloquent on what matters to me, what i feel and why i do what i do.

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Tell us what you want us to do so that you can have your dreamride come true
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