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  Old style spring bike :

school chopper build with an
1976 chasis conversion into a
spring shocks for front and

  Old school spring loaded
chopper :

This is a new
project just kicked off for a
client who wants an immaculate
blend of class and pre

  Would u want to rent a custom motorcycle
No man why would i ever rent a custom motorcycle
yes i would but just for a special day
yes i would but just for a few days
yes but i would like to do it for a couple of months then change to a new one

Who We Are

A lot of you have asked to add something about ourselves in here, so here goes.
About us
We are first of all Indian and proud to be born in this great country that is awakening to its potential all over again.
We are Dreamers who believe in making automotive Dreams come true for you
We are passionate about custom builds & right now custom motorcycle modifications is what we have started with. We are dreamers who wouldn’t kill their passion even when most people have told us what we were attempting was impossible.
Perhaps what sets us apart also is our attitude to do it, never give up and keep trying till the problem gives up.
We dream to take on the world’s best custom builders one day for custom vehicles, perhaps we are crazy but we think we can, even though we are from a developing country. We are not there yet but that’s where we aim to be.
You can say that we are dreamers riding on a crazy dream making so many dreams come to life  and that’s where our brand name comes from Dream Riders.
  We are slowly expanding our footprint to include custom cars, buses and god knows what else soon so keep tracking the new news section of our website.
  Our team is as below :

Air Commodore AK Mehta AVSM, VSM retd- Director
Is the man we are all grateful to and to whom we owe our existence. He is the director of the company who rolled up his sleeves and took over when we were embezzled financially right at the start and couldn’t afford a supervisor to run the factory.

A dedicated Air Force officer, a bike freak to boot, you should get him talking about his trips on BSA’s & Triumphs way back in the 60’s or his vintage cars he drove as a young man.

He passed away in May 2013 and we are continuing his dream. 




Manu- Director

In his childhood, he got his thrills taking things apart to understand how they worked, so no wonder he became an engineer. All he has ever wanted to do was to make vehicles that stand out from the crowd and are unique. He loves getting his hands dirty when he can and ensuring the philosophy of Custom Art in Motion is in each project we undertake.

Post his MBA he worked in various MNC's till the lure of working for himself was too strong to resist. A challenge a day keeps the doctor away is how he looks at life.


He is client liason, marketing, setting up processes and technical lead as well in charge of any development overseas. He is currently based out of UK to expand our footprint there.


Our highly skilled staff - they are the real power who bend steel to the will of the clients dream -  who ensure we build High Quality quality Art in Motion are :

We have a large team of engineers - automotive, mechanical and  electronic engineers who help design, supervise and really make the Custom Art in Motion come to life- ensuring at each stage the customers dream is brought to life in the highest quality possible.

Jiten is the graphics artist who has really helped us bring the Custom Art into our designs and help us execute high quality artworks across the whole set of motorcycle we have made.



Raju / Javed/ Anna are skilled craftsmen who bend steel as per the design for making our clients Dreamride come true. They make sheet metal into art objects that you see. They are not just skilled craftsmen but near magicians without whom this business would not have reached where it has now.

Jassy / Shakeel are the skilled mechanics who ensure the customs builds we make work mechanically well and perform flawlessly over a long period of time.

Its a testament to the skill of this team that our products are over 7 years old and still running without issues on the road today.

Once again we thank all for the the good words of encouragement that they have given. Believe us, sometimes its just these words that have helped us sustain,especially during the hard times from shutting shop and walking out.
Lastly, we want to say one thing to all of you- if you have a dream, go and live it. Keep on Dreamriding ;-)
If you have a design in mind that you want to get made or painted, then click the button below
If you have your own Motorcycle design in mind and want us to make the same, then click on the button below
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